Hope everyone is well. So the PES update went well yesterday (that joke will not be beaten today). The community is up but it hasnt got a league function unfortunately so all the ‘official’ matches will have to be played via friendlies.

I got missus Goody to touch some balls. Here are the opening fixtures:
Sheep V SuperSmashin
SilveryFox V Goody
SmellaVision V PlacidCasual
UncleBen+ V Rivaldo
Guavs V CBPodge

Once they redo the data pack you can arrange games via clicking R3, sliding to those in the community and quickly propose a game. For the time being you’ll have to create a room and invite.

Every fixture is on the wiki so it should be dead easy.

I’d like a round of games at least every 10 days. None of this waiting to the last minute crap (Rivaldo), you’re the scum that slows down these competitions.

Guavs, Smash, Sheep. Team choices please.

Fox, Sunday or Monday evening?

Jack boots on. Ready to go. Good luck!

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